Arts and Culture

 The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities for  pupils from Grade 2 to Grade 7. It is the philosophy that these activities be offered to the majority and so mass participation is encouraged. At the same time we give those pupils with specific abilities the opportunity to extend themselves at a higher Zonal, Inter Zonal or Provincial level. Those who do achieve this are awarded School Colours or School Honours awards.

 The following activities are offered:

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                                         Scripture Union

Speech and Drama Festival


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 We have a Grade 3 and Grade 4  Choir of about 50 children. A Senior Choir (Grade 4 – 7) accompanied by our music team of enthusiastic staff members. Scripture Union (S.U) is offered by our local Baptist Church, conducted at lunch time on a Tuesday.

Our Speech and Drama Festival. takes place annually.
The type of dance studied changes depending on the availability of our coaches. The children can select from Cultural Zulu dancing, Gumboot dancing, modern dancing, hip hop, religious dancing and ballet.
Drama is linked to the bi-annual school production as well as being a platform to
encourage children to develop confidence and to express themselves in different and creative ways.                                Our chess team plays against other school teams as well as playing friendly games in house.


Every pupil from Grade 3 to Grade 7 is encouraged to participate in at least one organised activity per term. An Extra Curricular programme is sent home during the first week of each new term. The programme offered for that term is explained and pupils then ‘enrol’. Once they have indicated their desire to participate we insist that they persevere and so learn commitment. If unable to attend an organised practice an excuse note addressed to the teacher in charge of that activity is required. The Extra Curricular programme is not offered in the first or last week of school term.