Dear Parents,

Welcome to Benjamin Pine Primary Admissions for 2020.

Admissions for pupils for 2020 will open from 2nd April 2019 and close on 14th June 2019.

Here is how you go about applying:

  • Only parent or legal guardians are to collect the application form from the Admissions office  at Benjamin Pine Primary. Read it through thoroughly. Make sure that you apply at other schools
  • Complete the form and return it to the Admissions office with all the documentation. Once we have verified all the documentation you will receive an email notifying you if your application has been successful.

(This is according to the Admission policy drawn up by our School Governing Body, in accordance with the South African Schools Act.)

We use the following criteria to select children for Benjamin Pine :

  • Children, whose parents/official guardians who live or work within close proximity to our school are accommodated  if there is space. We cannot take more children than our school buildings and grounds can cope with.
  • This is the capacity set by the SGB.

Grade R: 2 classes of 20 learners.

Grade 1: 4 classes of 26 learners.

Grade 2: 4 classes of 26 learners.

Grade 3: LSU: 14. 3 classes of 28.

Grade 4: LSU: 14. 3 classes of 28.

Grade 5: 4 classes of 26.

Grade 6: 4 classes of 26.

Grade 7: 4 classes of 26.

  • The Department of Education and Culture will place your child in another school close to where you stay, not necessarily the school of your choice if you do not find placement early in the Admission process, so do not leave it to the last minute.
  • Parents who have children presently attending Benjamin Pine (Grade R)  will have to follow the procedure as set out in our Admissions Policy.
  • Children who attend Pre Schools will be considered if they meet the criteria.
  • Our policy is that children  have to be 6 turning 7 years old (this is the national age for Grade 1). Children who are turning 7 in Grade 1 are more likely to succeed and cope with the challenges of Grade 1.
  • For Grade 2-6, children need to be age appropriate.
  • All children entering the education system must have an unabridged birth certificate, with BOTH parents details on it. It doesn’t matter if the father/mother is around or not.
  • We will not process the application if the unabridged certificate is incomplete or if any documentation is outstanding.
  • Once we have the application in, we will go through it, check details and verify residential and employment details and process it.
  • If you are successful we will send an email confirming your application and you will be requested to come in for an interview with Mrs Brown or Mr Webber and we will  give you dates for the readiness assessment and orientation evening. It is at this interview that we will confirm your child’s placement into our school.
  • You now have 14 days to confirm your child’s place in the Grade in which you seek admission by paying a deposit of R1500 which will be deducted off their school fees for 2020.
  • This is not refundable unless parents are transferred to another city or province.
  • If you do not pay within 14 days, we understand that you do not want your child to be a part of our school and we will give their place to the next lucky applicant.
  • All unsuccessful applicants will receive an email, it is vital that you have applied at more than one school. It is your responsibility to apply as early as possible and to as many schools as you can.
  • According to the SASA, School fees are compulsory and payable on the first day of the said school year.
  • We have 2 Grade R (5 turning 6 years) groups. We have  a satellite class at Kids Kingdom each with 20  children. By doing this we will ensure that our little ones are ready for the challenges of Grade 1.
  • Please note that our Admissions process  starts on the 2nd April  and ends on the 14 June and finalized in September according to DOE regulations. After the 14 June applications forms will be available but will only be processed if we have a vacancy!
  • Parents have 14 days to return the forms with all documentation for it to be processed.
  • So please do not leave your application till the last minute because you will be disappointed.
  • We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service.  Our children deserve the best.

Thank you for selecting  Ben Pine!

We look forward to seeing you.


Kind regards

Mrs Brown.