Admissions is always a highly emotive issue, parents want the best for their children so they would like to be able to choose where they want their child to be schooled at. However, we, as a public school are governed by certain rules, that is why we have an Admission policy which is drawn up by the School Governing Board and Management team of Benjamin Pine. We do have a wonderful but small school and can only take a limited number of children, even if they live near to us. So to all the parents out there who would like to be part of our family, I hope you have applied early because we fill up really quickly in Grade 1.

We wish you luck and hope that in the future, you can be part of our family.

We like to think of the pupils, teachers and parents of Benjamin Pine as a “Family”, where the necessary routine is observed willingly and co-operatively by all. The information given here is intended as a helpful guide to our requirements, habits and customs.

Educational Philosophy

Our mission statement is to promote the growth of the “whole child”, that is, the academic, cultural, physical, emotional, and spiritual development of the school’s pupils, to help them develop to their fullest potential, to think clearly, act responsibly and choose wisely.

It is hoped that within the secure, happy environment created, pupils will relate meaningfully to their teachers and their peers. In the endeavor to provide a sound holistic foundation, awareness is taken of the unique personality of each pupil. The learning process is intended to be an exciting and stimulating experience through which the pupils can grow in understanding, confidence, discrimination, self-discipline and sensitivity. The more children are involved in this process, the happier they will be. The more it brings them fulfillment, the less inclined they will be to trouble others. Children are well behaved because they are happy, not happy because they are well behaved.

To achieve this, we need the positive support of parents in all that we do. Your children need a solid foundation at home, based on unconditional love, from which to venture forth into the wider experience of life and, as together we uphold the same values, we provide our children with the foundation that will sustain them in all things.

According the Department of Education we have been assessed and found to excel in the following areas:

  • Curriculum planning, Curriculum supervision and teamwork, Assessments. These are areas that relate directly to your child. Our staff are extremely dedicated and ensure that your child is getting the best education we can give them.
  • Our School management team excelled in the following areas: planning, enrollments and admissions, year end results, SGB, Parents staffing, learner and staff attendance, finance, infrastructure and safety and security.

We, the management team, staff and school governing body work closely to ensure that we provide the best education that we can for your child. Our aim is to find ” The greatness within” each child.